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The Joint Venture Partnership Program consists of partnering in buying and selling Real Estate with Joint Venture Partnership LLC (JVP)

 This will be accomplished with any of the following strategies:
  • Wholesaling- Fix n Flip- Lease Options- Subject To- Owner Financing- Short Sales Tax Deed Auctions- Tax Lien Certificates- Student Housing- Assisted Living Facilities. Mobile Home Parks-Apartment Buildings- Self Storage Faculties-Land Development- New Construction

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Benefits and Requirements below.

Joint Venture Partnership Program Benefits To the Member

  • Partner will learn how and where to generate leads.

  • Partner will learn how to effectively communicate with sellers.

  • Group Zoom meetings on the 1st and  3rd Saturday of each month presentation first, then discuss prospects generated by members, lessons learned, exit strategies, make offers, process counter offers. Question and Answers.

  • Group Zoom meetings will also be on Terms (Owner Financing, Lease Options and Subject To) aka (How to Buy Houses with NO Money Or Credit)

  • Group walk through at a house in either Seminole, Orange, Or Volusia County Florida needing rehabbing once per month, usually the last Saturday of each month and sometimes a home currently being rehabbed.

  • Member will have a 2-hour, one-on-one meeting with Barry for orientation to get started.

  • Barry will do closing call with member’s seller on a three-way call so member can learn what to say to sellers.

  • Partner will learn how to formulate offers on properties.

  • Partner will learn how to  analyze each deal to make sure it is a deal.

  • Partner will learn how to market each property with detailed marketing material.

  • Help Partner get funds if needed to purchase or renovate a property.

  • Partner may bring a spouse or anyone directly involved in his/her business to each meeting. Partner does not have to be present if represented by another who is fully disclosed and approved prior to meeting.  One guest only.

  • All prospects generated will belong to the member doing so and none of the profits will be shared with other group members.

  • Title to all properties will be taken, if applicable, in a Land Trust with Members LLC and Joint Venture Partnership, LLC as beneficiaries.

  • Any member may assign any deal to another member and retain the entire assignment fee.

  • Member or Joint Venture Partnership, LLC may buy out the other party on any long-term deals with terms mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Joint Venture Partnership Program Requirements of the Member

  • An application must be approved before acceptance.

  • Must be willing to share information with the group and participate in discussions and home buying activities. If you don’t want to buy and sell houses do not apply.

  • Any money needed for deposits, advertising or incidentals will be the responsibility of each member pursuing their own deals. Joint Venture Partnership LLC will not write checks or guarantee debt. All expenses directly related to the property will be reimbursed prior to profit split. Member will do banking and accounting for each deal.

  • Member will receive 50% of all profits.

  • To Join Membership a Deposit is required which will be refunded to Member from the first investment done as a partner with Joint Venture Partnership, LLC the deposit will be paid to Member from Joint Venture Partnership, LLC ‘s 50% share of net profits. This is how the program can become FREE for You.

  • The following are the required Deposit to join.

        Commercial, Ugly and Pretty House Partnership

One time deposit $4,500 

If Payment Plan is needed $5,500

         Mentoring and Coaching also Available without Partnering inquire for more info                                                                                                                  

A Practical Guide to Financial Freedom. 

Let Us Help you

Achieve the Pathway to Financial Freedom!

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Benefits of the Real Estate JV Partnership Program with Eric and Barry Sandhaus
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Joint Venture Partnership Mentoring Program