Mobile Home Park Master Class

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This training will be virtual on a live webinar.

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Did you know that you find and sell Mobile Home Parks the same way as single family homes

You can assign a Park Contract for a 10% fee

Join us on Inquire about upcoming dates for this class and learn why so many Multi-family owners have sold their assets to invest in Mobile Home Parks.

Let us teach you and show you how easy it is to acquire the parks with long term owner financing.

If you want to build passive cash flow so you do not have to worry about times like we have today, while it is hard to earn a living when we are  ordered to stay at home, then you should sign up for our very comprehensive course on buying, selling and holding onto parks to build a passive cash flow

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Mobile Home Parks Training

Inquire about this class and upcoming dates

Here is an outline of what we will be discussing.

  • How did the mobile Home park industry get started
  • Why mobile home parks are a great investment,
  • Why the largest hedge funds on Wall Street are buying as many parks as they can.
  • Why now is the time to buy, why this opportunity will disappear
  • Why mobile home parks are recession-proof.
  • 7 ways to find a mobile home park to buy.
  • What states are the best to invest in and which ones to be careful if you buy there
  • The criteria you should look for in the cities and towns to ensure your success.
  • The types of mobile home parks and which ones are the best investment.
  • What are cap rates and how the cap rate impacts the value of a park
  • What are the value-added parks
  • How you evaluate a mobile home park
  • Quick formulas to place a value on a park
  • What financial information is needed to make an offer on a park.
  • Why who owns the homes will change  the value of the park, park owned, or the tenant owned
  • How to place a value on park owned homes
  • How to place value on notes held by the seller if they sold homes with seller financing
  • What is the value of vacant lots
  • The best way to fill vacant lots
  • What are the typical percentages the operating expenses should be for a mobile home park
  • Negotiation points that will get the seller to reduce their price.
  • What to say to the seller to induce long term seller financing of 20-30 years
  • How to get zero interest seller financing to a maximin of 5% interest
  • The types of park infrastructures you need to know before making an offer.
  • Due diligence items you will need to request from the seller.
  • Potential problems that will require in-depth due diligence?
  • How to make an offer and what you should be willing to pay for the park.
  • How to control a deal so you don’t lose it.
  • What are the complete steps from making the offer to purchase to closing on the park
  • How to raise the funds you will need if you do not have the funds.
  • The methods that will increase the value of the park
  • How to turn around underperforming parks to increase the value
  • What are the different types of sewer systems and the pros and cons of each
  • What are lift stations,
  • Why knowing what type of pipe the waste lines are made of is important
  • How to hire, manage and train a park manager
  • How to produce a 20% or higher cash on cash return
  • How you can make up to $250,000 or more without closing on the park within 60 days
  • How to earn a 10% fee of the purchase price by assigning your contract
  • What rents are best to buy a park at.
  • How to determine the best exit strategy

Be a VIP memebr and you will receive all of the following

Sample Letters to send to park owners and phone scripts to call them.

Scripts what to say or email to commercial brokers to get them sending you deals.

Mobile home park lead sheet information checklist

Mobile home park software to analyze any park 

Letter of intent (LOI) we use to make offers.

Our contract, this would cost you thousands if your lawyer understands mobile home parks

List of all due diligence items you should request from the seller

List of who should be on your team with our recommendations for insurance, loan broker,

Mobile home financing, tenant screening, phase 1 provider, attorneys, industry magazine, mobile home parts & accessories. 


 2 hours of private coaching with Barry and 60 days of  unlimited email support

Barry will help you analyze 6 parks you are interested in buying within 6 months

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